Candle Wall Scones And Other Wall Decor

Hello and thanks for coming by the blog. In this edition we will be previewing several different types of wall sconces and some other fun wall decorations that you should consider bringing into your home. Warm and rich, all of these candle wall sconces will compliment and not take away from your current scheme and offer something nice to see as a light source inside or outside of your home. The first wall sconce we preview is the Deco Mirror wall sconce from Lark manor. This distressed and antiqued wall scone with a backing mirror will bring depth and a bit of character to your home. Coming in a set of two, these cream colored sconces add a nice bit of subtlety to any home and are suitable inside or outside the home.

The next wall sconces that we look at are European tall metal wall sconces from Ophelia and Co. This are made for the outside and when placed on a wall, they immediately gain a little understated appeal or a European feel. These make an ideal gift for a friend that’s moving into a new home or to keep for your own outdoor patio area. These are easy to install and take down and will compliment your exterior area wonderfully. The next sconces we preview are the Leaf mirrored wall sconces from Alcott Hill shop. These are also artificially distressed and show a unique texture that will be exclusive to your home. This black metal will appeal to your sense of mystery as it is hard to tell what it is made of. The mirror catches and redirects the light outwards, giving an added degree of warmth and depth to your home. These are an ideal house warming gift and make a strong statement, that is certain. The final sconce we look at is an Iron Sconce wall combo that is elegant and free, just like you. No mirror is needed as these don’t need the extra attention, only serving to compliment the warm candle without. These are a nice compliment outside of a bedroom or within a den as they are very mild and don’t draw much attention.

Thank you for dropping by and we hope that you found something that you like and that makes your home more beautiful. If you happen to have a space that is complimented by candle wall sconces, or any wall sconces, please take a picture and send it in. It could appear in our blog in the future.