How to Hang Wall Art Decor

Figuring out on the best criteria of hanging wall art decor is one of the old-age conundrums about interior design. Typically, any artwork that is improperly attached appears as a sore thumb. However, fixing it right is not an easy task unless you grasp the unspoken concepts that have to be applied. This post irons out this problem once and for all. So, what is the ultimate guide on correct hanging of wall art decor?

There are some steps you need to consider to get the perfect area for your artwork. Once your wall art is ready with selected placement, you have to get started with the hanging process. Usually, this task is considered for two people, but you can make it simpler for just one person. All you need is a little tape and some paper.

First, trace your wall art on a sheet of paper. Then, slice it out to come up with a template to use. Include a label on the template to indicate the intended position of the hook or picture wire. Do that by ascertaining similar distance from the wire towards the frame’s top. Using the marking-side out, coincide the mark of the nail on your template to that of the pin on the wall and secure it using tape. You can then observe from a distance to determine the intended appearance of the wall. Feel free to make necessary changes as you choose.