Spruce Up Any Area With Candle Lanterns

Home design can be tough for many reasons. The seasons change and your décor has to change with them. Then you have the sub-seasons like Labor Day time and thanksgiving, the 4th of July. It can be truly difficult to stay up with them all. It can also be difficult to spruce up a room or outdoor area in between things. Sometimes you just need a little spark, or a flame is more like it. Why not consider a candle lantern? They are really easy to set up and use and come in all kinds of different designs. Welcome and thanks for coming by the blog. In this edition we will preview a handful of candle lanterns and how they might look in different areas and see if they are something that you would like to add to your collection or list of home décor items that you rotate. You might find that you leave them out, especially if you get a neutral color or solid color because they can bring so much life to an area. They are also an economical way to bring some flame and light to a patio or deck and even breezeway.

The first lantern we look at is from the Kate Aspen collection and it is a tea-light candle in an antiqued and distressed teal. These are great decoration for nearly any area and can fit easily with many schemes. They work great as a hanging light or as a lamp and give that rustic flair that so many love. Sets of 6 go for around $20 and are really versatile with how they fit in. If those aren’t for you, maybe you are looking for a more worldly and exotic look. You should consider a Moroccan style lantern. The Vela Lanterns units come in several vibrant colors and even red white and blue. They are fine for hanging or using as a free standing lamp. They are durably made of iron and glass and have 6” high panels with a wide opening for ease of use and placing and removing a candle.

Thank you for coming by and talking candles with us. We hope that you got an idea from this or got some information that you can use or apply. If you have a really fun area outside that you’d like to show off, please take a picture and send it in with your story and we might be able to us it in a future blog.